Бясплатная стандартная дастаўка на ўсе заказы звыш 25 долараў у ЗША Падпішыцеся на рахунак, каб атрымаць зніжкі і бясплатную дастаўку!

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Schmidt Christmas Market offers minor repairs for handmade German pyramids, nutcrackers, music boxes and select other items.  We can repair/replace the movement in music boxes,  repair some damage to pyramids, and repair (but not replace parts) in nutcrackers.  Major damage can not be repaired or may cost more than a new piece.   Please fill out the form below and provide as many pictures as possible of the issue and we will get back with you with an estimate.  Please note most estimates will be $100 or more plus shipping in both directions.

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